Yep, Its me Nick

Welcome to my website! I live at Flying Dollar Farm, with my family, humans, horses, dogs and cats. It gets pretty crazy around here especially at dinner time! I am 39 and was a camp and pack horse, when I got too slow to keep up they dropped me off at the feed lot, still sweaty from my last trip!

Tash and Sabrina called my mom and asked her to take me and she did! It was rough going the first few days, I wouldn’t eat, I had no teeth, very skinny and super confused! At first my mom didn’t think I was going to make it but she kept going, trying new things, consulting vets and encouraging me to hang in there!

Two things happened that changed my life! First of all my mom discovered I would eat warm mash made of alfalfa pellets, Haystack Special pellets and oil, and I started gaining weight, got interested in my surroundings and was getting a new outlook on life.

The second thing is my job, yep I got a job, babysitting PeteWatson. Read more